Our Services

Maintenance & Repair
Parts Replacement
Whole Home
Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom Remodel
Interior Painting
Replace Plumbing Fixtures
Drain Restoration
Light Bulb Replacement
(Upgrade to L.E.D.)
Wireless Home Security
Google Nest
Ring Installation
Thermostat Replacement
Fan Installation
Minor Drywall Repair
Real Estate
Inspection Report Repairs
Wireless Speaker
Sonos Speaker

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General Querries!

I have many friends in real estate and am well aware how urgent these matters are to be addressed to meet closing dates. If its late in the day I’ll require a copy of the report so I can get the materials  I need that evening and be there first thing in the morning to get it knocked out.  

Good question. As contractor scales up in operation, as they must to build their company, the operating cost begins to scale up as well (labor, material, and equipment), so its just not feasible to address a less expensive job that would wind up costing him money if it were to be priced fairly. But not to  worry, that’s where I fit in and keep the cost down for the customer.